4 Tips for Summer Brides 

 March 6, 2018

By  Future Mrs Box

Let’s face it, you picked an awesome time to get married — the beaches are beautiful (destination weddings, anyone??), the air is breezy, the sun is bright, and love is in the air!

But, before you say I do, here’s a few To-Do’s:

1. Pack on the sunscreen.

No, seriously…pack on the sunscreen! The sun is one of the best wedding accessories, but skin cancer is NOT. Whether you have a make up artist or doing your make up yourself, make sure you and your girls are including sunscreen in your skincare routine!

2. Become one with H20.

Okay, I get it – summer is beautiful, but the sun is HHHHOT 🔥. Avoid major dehydration (is she fainting from love or lack of water??), by keeping yourself and your Bridal Party hydrated.Also include water in your ceremony and reception if they are going to be outdoors!

3. Dress light

I know, I know, it’s your dream day – you’ve waited for this since you were 5 years old. I get it — I just don’t think you imagined ‘pit stains on your Big Day 🙁 Dress lighter than you would normally dress, just in a more upscale, fancier way! Light is the way to go!

4. Bring some frozen treats to your guests

Gone are the days where hors d’oeuvres were the only things to nibble on. Now-a-days pretty much anything goes — you have candy bars, build your own cup cake stations, and yes popsicle sticks! I’m sure your guests will be thankful for one of those on a hot summer wedding…thank me later 😉

Whatever you decide to do on your summer wedding day, the only thing that matters is that you ENJOY it. Spend it with loved ones and make wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

Godspeed, Summer Brides ✌



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