How to Postpone 

Your Wedding

COVID-19 has shaken a lot of things - even when it comes to wedding planning. Dates have been changed, venues have new regulations and vendors have even pulled out. And, guess what?? You're allowed to freak out over it, and you're allowed to cry! So, what does this look like for Brides who need to postpone their wedding? Check out below for details and helpful tips to get through this trying time!


Contact your venue and push back the date, at least a couple of months from now up to a year. Then, run the new date by your VIPs to make sure it works for them, as well.

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Review your contract with each vendor first before rescheduling or canceling. Most will be OK with rescheduling, and some will not refund your deposit if cancelled, even due to a pandemic. If your vendor isn't available on the new date chosen, then it's worth asking for a refund considering they aren't available on that day.


Get your trusty girlfriends together and have your bridal party handle most of the notifying. Then, send a printed card in the mail as an official reminder of the date change. See below for some clever ideas!

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Thankfully most hotels and airlines are allowing customers to cancel or reschedule without any penalty, since this is an Act of God situation. Check with each company to make sure their policy is allowing these changes. And, since too many people aren't traveling right now, you will most likely find some awesome deals with you reschedule your honeymoon!!


This whole COVID-19 situation has rocked everyone. Wedding planning is not excluded from this. If you are too stressed right now, but still want to marry your future hubs, consider eloping. You can always plan a wonderful reception for your family and friends to celebrate with you after everything settles down. Eloping isn't for everyone, but for certain people, it is just right!

How has COVID-19 affected your wedding planning? 

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