Money-saving DIY Wedding Decorations 

 February 4, 2021

By  Savannah

Every bride wishes for a magical wedding, and magic can cost quite a bit of moola. The fabulous frugal DIY trend has persisted through decades of wedding décor, but putting all those Pinterest ideas into action can prove a little too advanced for a sane person to pursue. But fear not! You don’t need a blowtorch or a custom crafting bench to create unique and affordable decorations. Whether you’re a bride on a budget or looking to add a dash of personality, these easy DIYs are sure to impress you and your guests.


Whether going big and bold or small and intimate, reception table centerpieces will be second only to you in terms of “center of attention.” DIY-ing such an important decoration can add that magic you seek, and it’s easier than it sounds.

Simple and Classic

With glassware from the Dollar Tree and Wal-Mart, flowers from your local supermarket, and tealight candles from any of the above, you can achieve ethereal centerpieces that will pull the tone of your reception together.

Unique and Fun

Looking for a fun flair? Incorporate elements of you and your husband into the day; it is a celebration of you, after all! Whether you are bibliophiles or kids at heart, find those special pieces of interest at local thrift stores and even garage sales to make your centerpieces pop.


Signage is a great way to bring a couple’s personality to their wedding, and you don’t need to spend half your budget with these crafty DIYs. Venture back into thrift stores to find paintings that match your wedding vibes and simply use stencils to paint on your message. Pick up some wooden pallets from home improvement stores for a rustic theme. Glass panels from dollar stores can adorn your reception tables. With chalkboard paint, even doors and old mirrors can make the most unique signs pointing your guests in the right direction.


Fresh cut flowers can get pricey, but you can achieve the same wow factor with some faux florals. Some gold spray paint, plastic flora, and a sprinkle of ingenuity will launch your day a step beyond perfection. Glittery finds at thrift stores and sentimental paper products can be used to create stunning feature florals as well. From bouquets to accents, you’ll find many ways to harness easy DIY flower power on your big day.

Make Your Wedding Dazzle

There is so much you can create that will pull your wedding together, and you don’t have to break the bank doing so. Trust the process and embrace any imperfections because life’s all about the little things. With a little creativity and the spirit of adventure on your side, you can pull together an amazing wedding that feels like it was made just for you (as it should be!).

About the author 


I'm Savannah, and I have been to more weddings than I can count, and making the Bride feel like a queen is my mission. In the meantime, I enjoy painting, writing, and leaving a little personal touch on the world.We bring you the best bridal subscription items every month...and did we mention they are 100% PERSONALIZED? xoxo

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