Keep those Long Distance Bridesmaids in ✔️ 

 February 28, 2021

By  Savannah

When dreaming about the perfect wedding, you see the dress, the decorations, and the people. You can’t imagine your perfect day without everyone you love, and your bride tribe should be full of your supportive besties. Just because your squad is scattered from Seattle to NYC doesn’t mean you can’t make them bridesmaids; here are some tips to help manage your long distance bridesmaids (LDBs, if you will).

1. R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

The number one most important thing to remember is to respect your bridesmaids, long distance or otherwise. They are giving their time to be there for you on your special day, they love you, and you love them! So even when you’re stressed (and maybe leaning into your Bridezilla side), respect your squad for the work they put in.

Though, it must be said: you should feel respected too. Hot take, but you should be respected not as the bride, but as their friend. Respect is a two way street, so choose your bridal party carefully!

2. Communication!

Another glamorous key, I know, but every relationship depends on communication. It’s vital for you and your fiancé, and it’s also necessary for your LDBs. Let them know what you expect, and listen to them when they tell you what they can do (it’s very respectful). That way, you can see who can help you with what tasks as the wedding approaches.

 Technology is your true best friend. Between online planners, private Facebook groups, Pinterest, and group chats, the distance is a trifle detail. You can send updates to everyone, talk bridesmaid dresses, dates, and share your vision of wedding aesthetics.

3. Sort Your Priorities

Not everything will go according to plan; that’s just the way life goes. It would be amazing to have your bride tribe by your side every step of the way, but LDBs make the logistics of that plan difficult. Bridal shower, bachelorette party, dress shopping; decide which events you absolutely need the full squad for.

4. Delegate Responsibly

Bridesmaids support the bride (duh). Every person in the bridal party has a part to play, and even LDB can back up the bride-to-be in wedding planning.

  • Hate talking on the phone? Pass it off to a talkative LDB! Tell her what needs to be ordered, where to make an appointment, and what questions need to be asked to who; she’ll get it done, no in person contact required!
  • Is the artistic bridesmaid far, far, away? Have her put together the guest book, stuff envelopes, or design Save the Dates and RSVPs. All things that can be done through mail (and Facetime from the bride, of course).
  • LDBs can coordinate with the bride and maid of honor in finding unique decor for the wedding and related events. Whether shopping online or at local stores, your LDBs can search the nooks and crannies you might not think of for the perfect decorations.

5. Dress Shop Mindfully

One tip many brides and their LDBs swear by is selecting bridesmaids dresses from chain stores like David’s Bridal and reputable online retailers like Azazie. Whether your bridesmaids are going to match or have varying dress styles, you can guarantee your bridal party will look immaculate by being on the same page.

So? Plan that Bridesmaid Proposal!

Long distance isn’t a deal breaker; if you want all your girls in your bridal party, you can do it! With a little planning, you’ll find there are many perks to having members of the bride tribe far and wide. And hey, with Miss. ‘Rona sticking around, social distance is all the rage in 2021.

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