What Will 
I Get?

Etsy Who??

Looking for Bridal Robes, T-shirts for your Bride Squad, Wedding Sunnies, Tote Bags and more, all with YOUR Future Mr Last Name on them? We got your back!

Don't spend a ton of money ordering Personalized Bridal items on Etsy - you'll end up spending WAY too much money, girlfriend!

Instead, when you subscribe to any of our affordable bridal box subscriptions, you will receive all the fun goodies a Bride-To-Be deserves to show us her new Engaged status!💍

how it works

1. Choose your subscription

We make it easy:

Select from two

subscription packages: 

Personalized or Basic Bride Box.

Pssst, the Basic Bride box

is our most popular subscription! 

Click here to explore the subscription options.

2. Personalized Just  for you

Each month our team

creates a box specially

made for you filled with PERSONALIZED items,

in addition to awesome bridal products!

Get custom swag with your soon-to-be last name on it, get pampered and

get fit, all while having fun!

Click here to get your Personalized Box.

3. One word: enjoy!

Let our boxes be the countdown to your Big Day! Each one of your boxes are shipped between the 20th and 25th of every month.

Then, be the Queen B, Boss Babe, Devine Diva that you are, with all the swag and sparkle that a Bride deserves!

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Ready For Your Personalized Box?

Ready For Your 
Personalized Box?

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