First Look – Yay or nay? 

 December 19, 2018

By  Future Mrs Box

Every recent Bride-To-Be has asked herself – “To First Look, or not to First Look?”

Is a first look the best option for you? Let’s explore the possibilities!

What is a First Look?

A first look is a modern trend, where a couple catch a glimpse of each other before their wedding ceremony. Typically, the Bride will come up behind the Groom and tap him on his shoulder, where he will then turn around as they reveal themselves to each other. Usually a photographer is on hand to snap a couple of memorable reaction photos! Traditionally, the Groom would have to wait to see his Bride until she walks down the aisle. Where you share your reaction with the guests of your ceremony.

Both options are nice and are purely preferential, but here are some ideas to consider:

  • First looks allow for some epic photos, especially if you are running against the sunset – do a first look and get the pictures you want in the perfect lighting before the ceremony!
  • With a first look, you do miss out on the emotional moment right before you walk down the aisle…because he’s already seen you and shed some tears.
  • You can save money by skipping on cocktail hour, because all of your photos have already been taken when you do a first look!
  • First looks don’t always involve the wedding party, so you might still have to have your photog snap a few extra pictures to get all the good shots
  • First looks allow you to share that special moment with the one person you love, without the “all eyes on me” pressure.

  • Unfortunately, first looks also require you to get ready faster, so you may be cutting your pampering and preparation time in half — yikes!

The Verdict? First Looks: Yay or Nay?

I wish I could tell you which is the absolute best option. But, the truth is, it will differ from Bride to Bride. One Bride might like that she can save some money on cocktail hour. While, another Bride might strictly insist on doing the traditional first glimpse as she walks down the aisle.

All I can say is – make sure you share the most important moments with the most important people in the most important ways. Helpful, I know 😉

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