Bridal Health Tips

look and feel like a boss on your big day

Get In The Right Mindset

Many Brides-to-be feel the impulse to do crash diets, especially if they are not happy with their body or weight. I cannot express to you how unhealthy it is to do crazy diets to achieve what is only possible through dedication, eating right and patience. Feeling overwhelmed on how to make this work? Let us guide you through it, girl!

#1 Make Time For Yourself

We all hear about "Self-Care Sunday" and see the hashtag #treatyoself all over Insta, but the truth is, we rarely ever actually make time for ourselves. When you are a Bride aiming to look and feel healthy on your Big Day, it starts well-before you walk down the aisle. In order to be able to be healthy, you have to make time for yourself -- schedule specific times to do each of the following To-Dos.


#2 Crush That Cardio

I'd like to think I can get abs by eating pizza and cookies. The reality is, it requires some quality time at the gym. Get in a flow of being active! Don't have a gym membership? No worries - just schedule time to run around your neighborhood, or there are even some sweat-worthy HIIT workout for free on YouTube! My suggestion is to make actual alarms on your phone to remind you to workout, that way there are no excuses ;)

GET it right, get it tight

#3 Ditch The Cheetos

Wedding planning is so stressful, it's almost an automatic thing to reach for the junk food to eat off the stress. But, it's a proven thing that what you put in your body will eventually show up -- whether it be breakouts on your face, or love handles, it is so important to watch what you eat. Now, I'm not saying you can't annihilate that doughnut on a Friday night...go for it, girl! But, it's all about balance. Make an effort to incorporate healthy foods into your diet, and it WILL pay off!

bye-bye junk food

#4 Stay Committed

You always hear practice makes perfect. It's no different with feeling healthy. Commit yourself to the process and you will see great results that will get you fit and healthy for your Big Day! ✨

And, repeat!

Ready For Your Personalized Box?

Ready For Your 
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