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5 Unique Colored Engagement Rings 💍

If someone can get married in a bright pink wedding dress, what’s stopping you from rocking a unique-colored engagement ring??

Our motto is why be like every other Bride…why not be unique? 🦄

Peep these five, gorgeous engagement rings that will have you second guessing the color and style of the rock you want on your finger! Continue reading 5 Unique Colored Engagement Rings 💍

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2018 Wedding Hair Trends

Are you a 2018 Bride? Planning a 2018 wedding? Congratulations! 🎉

There is a strong trend of romantic updos and effortless hair in 2018. Get ready to see some of the classic hair styles, hair colors and hair cuts, with a twist of modern and fresh glamour 💁

We’ve seen an influx of braids and twists. Tousled, textured and perfectly imperfect messy hair. Fun balayage and ombre coloring. You name it!

Check out these 10 trend-setting hairstyles for some major wedding inspiration. It’ll have you swooning and counting down the days until you can rock one of these styles down the aisle!

Continue reading 2018 Wedding Hair Trends