Long, short, curly, straight - the options for wedding hairstyles are as varied as they are trendy! With so many possibilities, it could be overwhelming to settle on a final look for your Big Day...good thing we have you covered 😉. Check out these 2020 Wedding Hair Trends to narrow down what works for you. Keep your Wedding Dress Style, groom's attire and the overall theme of your wedding in mind when choosing a wedding hairstyle. Keep reading below to get all the trendy deets for your tresses!


While shaggy may not bring the best idea to mind, this tousled hairstyle is sweeping the wedding industry by storm! Ask your stylist for soft, yet messy layers to nail this look.


Everyone is familiar with the bob haircut, but have you heard of the lob?? The long bob is a bob haircut, just longer! This clean hairdo goes well with minimalistic dresses. Ask your stylist for a long blunt cut, around your collarbone length.


The pixie has long been reserved for powerful women owning their femininity. What a better day to rock a pixie cut than on the most memorable day of your life?? Tell your stylist how short you're willing to go and let them have fun with the layers!


It's your party, you can have bangs if you want to! How much more girly can you get than bangs? Fringe adds an element of dimension and flair. Ask your stylist to cut as long or short of bangs as you are comfortable wearing. Go daring or subtle!


Let your inner-bohemian bride go wild with luscious curls on your wedding day. Long, curly hair is not only romantic, but also memorable in photos. Ask your stylist for either a hair process to create curls, or to texturize your hair!

Which 2020 Wedding Hair Trends are you feelin'? 

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