Let's just be real for a second: Finding the perfect Wedding Dress is *almost* as life changing as finding the perfect spouse. You better find that dress, girlfran, and it better be "The One!" No pressure 😉. If you are tying the knot in 2020 and have absolutely no idea where to begin in the dress hunt, we got you with these 2020 Wedding Dress Trends. Peep below to get your fill (and maybe some ideas to help you find your epic Wedding gown)!


Ruffles add a romantic touch to any dress. They take a flat dress and creates beautiful dimension! Not to mention it is amazing at concealing parts of our body that may not be in shape.


How to feel beautiful and girly on your Big Day? Flowers, flowers, and more flowers! Make a dainty statement with floral applique, and you will be the Queen of the evening!


We were iffy about this one at first - but if Princess Diana could get away with is, so can you on your Big Day! The more you eye these sleeve-luscious Wedding Gowns, the more you fall in love with this style.


Yes, you read that correctly. Pants are all the rage - most of these pant/dress hybrids have either capes flowing from the shoulders or a half skirt coming out of the waistline. If you opt for this trend, be sure to tailor your suitdress! You will thank us later!


Depending when in 2020 you are having a wedding, flowy wedding gowns are perfect! The more airy and light, the better! It will be like you are floating down the aisle.

Which 2020 Wedding Dress Trends are you feelin'? 

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