The ONLY Personalized Bridal Subscription Box

Bridal items with YOUR name on them, delivered right to your door each month!

1. Choose your subscription

We make it easy: Select from a 12 month, 6 month or 3 month packages. Want to test the waters? Get our 1 month monthly package. Pssst, the 6 month package is our most popular subscription! Click here to explore the subscription options.

2. Created & curated personally for you

Each month our team creates a box specially made for you filled with PERSONALIZED items, in addition to awesome bridal products! Get custom swag with your soon-to-be last name on it, get pampered and get fit, all while having fun!

3. Receive personalized and other fun stuff

Let our boxes be the countdown to your Big Day! Each one of your boxes are shipped between the 15th and 20th of every month 🙂 Have more questions? Check out our FAQ.

4. One Word: ENJOY

Be the Queen B, Boss Babe, Devine Diva that you are, with all the swag and sparkle that a Bride deserves! Click here to get the fun started!

Future Mrs Box has been Featured In:

“Yes, we’ve bragged about boxes before, but the Future Mrs. Box is the ONLY personalized subscription box for brides-to-be. You’re not just a future Mrs., you’re THE future Mrs., and your box will reflect that. It only takes a few minutes to fill out your Boss Bride profile, and once you do, you’ll be giving the FMB crew all the details they’ll need to curate a box just for you.”
Want to give her a gift that keeps on giving? Sign her up for a subscription to the Future Mrs. Box, the ONLY personalized subscription box for brides-to-be!  Each recipient fills out a profile questionnaire, and the magical fairies behind Future Mrs. Box use her answers to curate and personalize a monthly collection tailor-made for her personality and style.
Rebekah Evans, owner and founder of — a subscription service that delivers custom wedding-related items to prospective brides each month — recommends virtual wedding planners. “Yes,” she says, “this is a ‘thing.’”
Hi! I love that your boxes are personalized!! 😍
- Kirsten
Bride-To-Be Subscriber
Future Mrs Boxes are the best
- Stacey
Bride-To-Be Subscriber
I'm so excited because my fiance gave me these boxes for my birthday!! It was very perfect. Thank you so much
- Adrianny
Bride-To-Be Subscriber
I'm Beyond in love with my Box I just got today ❤️❤️
- Brianna
Bride-To-Be Subscriber